quarta-feira, julho 13, 2005

Solitary Dreaming

Just another day,
Dragged broken on the floor,
Wishing, dreaming, wanting,
To walk through eternity’s door.
Same tired eyes,
Cracked fake smile,
Consumed in the dark,
Hidden silent cries.
Same taken steps,
From place to place,
Chores all finished,
Clear away the trace.
Hands both lifted,
Working with the pain,
Body inside shifted,
Drinking up the rain.
Shattered heart crying,
Crimson-blooded tears,
All held inside,many fears.
Solitary dreaming,
Lost in a faded place,
Feels so pointless,
Running an endless race.
Open wrists crying,
Bleeding pouring sin,
It’s a release,
Pain flooding from within.
Solitary dreaming,
All over now,
She has faded away,
Now you know how.

by: Broken Dreams